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APE Model comparison (Created by David Williamson)

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Experimental rerults list

Intercomparison plots available for download from NCAR.
Created by David Williamson, 4 April 2005.
All plots relate to the APE "control" SST experiment.


global averages (bars) and temporal standard deviation from the daily
samples of global average (+-1sd as a line)


zonal averages of selected 2-d (single level) fields (graphs as
function of latitude)


zonal averages of selected 3-d fields (pressure-latitude contour plots)


zonal averages of 3-d fields at selected pressure levels (graphs as
function of latitude)


kinetic energy and omega variance spectra averaged over about 100 samples
spaced 1.25 days apart


total precipitation, averaged -5 to +5 latitude, plotted as a function
of longitude and time for the first 30 days of the runs


fraction of the time total precipitation rate is in the bins
indicated. value plotted at zero is the fraction of time the total is
equal to (or less than) zero. value plotted at maximum value of
abscissa is the fraction of time the total is greater than that
value. bins are 2 mm/day and 0.02 mm/day (in order to see drizzle
better). latitude ranges are -10 to +10, and +25 to +50.


To download the (PDF) files:

login: anonymous
password: your_email_address
cd /pub/wmson/ape

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