Dennou Tools for Mac OSX

Installing Dennou Tools in Mac OSX by MacPorts

1. Install MacPorts in your Mac.

2. Make a directory under your $HOME and check out the MacPorts-JP’s ports tree from its SVN repository.

$ mkdir ~/Sources
$ cd ~/Sources
$ svn checkout macports-jp-trunk

3. Edit “/opt/local/etc/macports/source.conf” as below. (add 4th line)

#  NOTE: The port command parses source URLs in order and installs the                                   
#        first occurrance when a port appears in multiple repositories.                                  
#        So keep "file://" URLs above other URL types.                                                   

#  To get the ports tree from the master MacPorts server in California, USA use:                         
#      rsync://                                                         
#  To get it from the mirror in Trondheim, Norway use:                                                   
#      rsync://                                                  
#  A current list of mirrors is available at
rsync:// [default]

4. Execute

$ sudo port -d sync

5. Now, you can install Dennou Tools (gphys for example) by

$ sudo port install rb-gphys

Note that, most Dennou Tools depend on some large libraries (e.g., gtk2) which may take long time to compile and install.

Ports names of Dennou Tools

Ports name Software name
rb-gphys Gphys
rb-gpcommands Gphys: commands
rb-narray_miss NArrayMiss
rb-numru-misc NumRu/Misc
rb-numru-units NumRu/Units
rb-dcl Ruby/DCL
rb-netcdf Ruby/NetCDF

*If you install rb-gfdavi_utils, the libraries required to run Gfdnavi server will install automatically.