Deepconv/arare source code reference

Execute programs

Main program (main):

Subroutines and modules

Chemical process (chemdata)

Dynamics (dynamic)

Initial environment setup (env)

Input/Output (io)

Physics (physics)

Set up (setup)

  • argset: Command line argument module
  • axesset: Grid arrangement set up module
  • basicset: Basic state set up module
  • ChemCalc: Chemical process module
  • clockset: Clock information set up module
  • composition: Chemical constants set up module
  • constats: Constant values set up module
  • constats0: Physical and mathmatical constants set up module
  • dataset: Physical and chemical parameter set up module
  • fileset: I/O file names set up module
  • gridset: Grid array size set up module
  • mpi_wrapper: MPI wrappaer module
  • namelist_util: NAMELIST file name parameter set up module
  • timset: Time integration parameters set up module

Utility (util)